Chestnut Hill District Competition

by Willow B.

2012 CHA DistrictIf possible, the Week 2 competition at Chestnut Hill was even more exciting and exhilarating than our competition last week. Chestnut Hill was intense for the entire team from the moment we got there. Things really got interesting when we lost our second match because a motor lead detached; then it really was game time.We spent the rest of the day battling our way back to the top from nineteenth. Daisy performed fantastically, and after winning every other match that day, we were thrilled to leave in first place.

2012 CHA DistrictDay two was equally exciting; we only lost one other match when our camera failed, but it was enough to ensure that all daisies were clinging to the edges of our seats. With the hard work of everyone in scouting, in the pits, on the field, and in the stands, we claimed the top spot, and selected 1218 and 2559 as our alliance partners. We won all of our matches in the elimination rounds, and went on to win our second blue banner of the season. Along with this, we won the Website and Gracious Professionalism awards. We not only made our grandmothers proud; we made the entire team and school district proud. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of the first two events, and are now looking forward to our next competition at the Boston Regional.

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