2014 Build Season: Week 1

Design & Mechanical

This week in mechanical we are all hard at work prototyping our shooters for this year’s challenge, Aerial Assist. At a brainstorming session held the day after kick-off, we came up with designs for some cool shooters for the robot. There were many interesting ideas for shooters, however we needed to put those ideas to the test.We began by building prototypes of these designs and saw how well they worked before choosing one to use. The rookies of the team were working to build field parts to practice with; in order for us to test our prototype shooters. Everyone is hard at work to make sure their prototype is the one that makes it on the robot, but unfortunately, there can be only one.

2014 Build Season


The Media team has been taking pictures of the mechanical team and are having a blast. They have also been working on this year’s vlogs. They are working on the opening for the vlog and doing multiple interviews with rookies and veterans alike. There has also been the creation of a new sub-team called the web design team that had its kick-off this week.

2014 Build Season


This week was the kick-off of the brand new web design team. The team had two days where they met and figured out what their plans for build season. They worked with the media team’s coach Kirsten who led presentations on how to code a website and how to make a website look good. They were then sent off to make their own test WordPress websites. The new team is hard at work and we hope to see some good things out of them.


The programming team began with some exercises that the student captains had developed for them. Things really heated up on Saturday when they video had conferences with their coach Jared, who lives in California. They talked about what they needed to do for build season and how they might program the robot. The whole team was their to see the programming coach. We had not seen him since last year and were all very happy to see him.

The team is very busy and it is a very exciting time for all of us! We’re all looking forward to the upcoming season!

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