2014 Build Season: Week 3

Design & Mechanical
This week, there was a lot of intake and shooter action on Daisy’s mechanical team! After the team decided which shooter prototype to develop, they began finalizing the design. The shooter was tested many times on our rookie-made practice field goal and was very successful. On Friday, the mechanical team tested the intake and it worked very well, to the delight of everyone involved with the project! The mechanical team is also working on combining the intake with the shooter in order to have a complete prototype. Everyone wants to make sure that everything works before we proceed with building the final robot. Now that they are finished building the practice field, the rookies are working on assembling the robots for our mobile museum project, Sparky’s Robot World, with the guidance of veterans and coaches.

2014 Build Season

The media team has some exciting news this week! The Miss Daisy Instagram hit 100 followers! No one was certain whether or not the team Instagram would be successful, and it is very exciting to see it flourish. While some of the media team continued to take photos and work on the vlog as always, the rest of its members feverishly worked on making a set for the first shooting session of the first Sparky’s Robot World video. The team has already made a storyboard for the video and its script has been written. Now it is just a matter of finding the right people to host it.

2014 Build Season

For the past several days, the CAD team has been modeling the individual parts for the shooter. They measured the pieces on the prototype in order to make 3-D sketches of them with Autodesk software. They have also been working on designing a model of the main robot to see what it might look like before it is actually built. These sketches are used as reference during the building process and are included in our end-of-season design binder. Members of the CAD team also improved some old files of past robots.

The scouting team this week kicked off with a meeting. They all gathered and began discussing future plans. They agreed on a set list of things to do that would aid the team when at competitions scouting other teams. They are working on a new scouting sheet for the team to use during competition. They are trying to make it so that anyone can look at it and fill in the necessary information. The team is also working on a computer program that can consolidate the information of other teams when we are picking alliance partners.

The team is extremely excited at how we are progressing. As always, we hope to see you all at the competition! Good luck!

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