Team 341 Pictured on White House Blog

2010 Science Fair photo

A photo of the Wissahickon Robotics Team was posted on the front page of the Whitehouse Blog with President Barack Obama. This spring marks the 6th and final Whitehouse Science Fair for President Obama who founded the festival back in the fall of 2010. At the original science fair, there were over 100 students, but only 12 groups were invited to speak directly with the President on that day. Wissahickon HS Robotics was honored to be one of those 12 groups.

Pictured are 4 of the 5 students that visited the Whitehouse that day. All 5 students were members of our World Championship Chairman’s Award team. Here is some information about each student and what they are doing now.

  • Jenni Herchek, WHS 2010, Johns Hopkins 2014, Mechanical Engineer at Black & Decker
  • Ryan Morris (not pictured), WHS 2011, Penn State University 2015, Mechanical Engineer at GM Proving Grounds
  • Evan Ostrow, WHS 2011, Drexel University, MSME Candidate 2016
  • Emily Ostrow, WHS 2013, Drexel University MSES Candidate 2018
  • Gina Triolo, WHS 2010, Princeton 2014, Software Engineer at Microsoft

“Hopefully the next president will keep the tradition of the Whitehouse Science Fair alive,” said Alan Ostrow, Founding Coach.

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