Miss Daisy Wows Crowds at Local Pike Fest

26060177618_f98892e531_oMiss Daisy returned to Pike Fest for the second year in a row, this time in the form of our FIRST Stronghold robot. Pike Fest, an annual showcase on Bethlehem Pike where businesses, charities, or other groups can advertise their products, has thousands of people walk up and down the street throughout the day. The team brought our Sparky’s Robots for people of all ages to drive and earn their Robot Drivers Licenses and was a huge hit with the younger audiences. Team members flaunted Miss Daisy’s abilities by shooting “Boulders” into crowds and expertly scooping them up from the ground. At one point, Miss Daisy was seen following Wissahickon High School’s marching band down the street. Pike Fest is always a great opportunity for our team to expose parents, children, and other community members to 39034287245_bee5752d5a_owhat Wissahickon robotics has to offer.

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