Fall Training

It all started with a new generation of rookies. With rookies, comes fall training. It is during this time that the rookies learn about the various inlets of the team, and to be productive members of each subteam. Unlike previous years, we’ve adopted a learn as you go approach instead of mandatory skills training, which was unable to fulfill student’s wishes when it comes to learning the ropes of their desired subteam.

CAD: So far, rookies have learned the basics of CAD and assemblies. They have done some simple assembling exercises, as well as patterns and lightning the pieces. After that, they started to learn the importance of visualizing, prototyping, iterations, and how they are all key to making a good piece. Now, rookies are advancing towards their final stages of learning. These steps include learning how to make gearboxes, and a final project which can be a drive base, gearbox, climber, or a shooting mechanism. The members undergoing training on this subteam have become more adept at CAD, and are sure to be successful in this upcoming season.

Programming: The programming team has been working to understand the way a robot is built, in the terms of code. They have started out with an outline of what the robot would look like as to not worry about the syntax of the code, but to visualize how it pieces together. On Saturdays, coach Adam comes and teaches the members more advanced topics, such as how to code a motor and implementing a control system. This method of teaching allows members to learn by doing rather than watching or listening. With this, rookies and veterans alike are sure to learn more about the behind the scenes of our robot. 


Pit Display: Our pit display from the previous seasons was very lack luster. It had very little space for what we needed, So we started working on a new pit layout. Though they are two weeks behind, the pit display team is working hard to finish up a new design for our pit. With the bottom half being finished, their efforts have geared towards completing the upper half.  A new battery cart is almost done being CADed, which is being completed by rookie Alex K. The full design will be reviewed and brought to life within the coming weeks.

Scouting: The scouting team has reevaluated the entirety of the scouting system, because the online app was clunky and was not equipped with sufficient analyzation tools. They have since focused on an excel based scouting design, that allows for adaptability and visualization. They have tested it during off-season competition, and it works exceptionally well.

Sparky Game Design: Sparky’s Robot World, a project that began over five years ago, has continued working into this years fall training. The game design has focused on a modified basketball game. There will be competitive and cooperative game modes, and will feature lights and sounds to grab the attention of children. This aspect of the project will most likely be finished in time for Ramp Riot XX.

Sparky Robot: As for the robots, our build team has focused on improving their current design. They are working to attach a Wifi interface. They have finished 3 shield boards with arduinos and are ready to make 3 more. The next obstacle is programming the boards and working to mount them to the robots. The new boards are supposed to replace the old control system.

Thus far, the new and improved fall training has been a success with both team members and coaches. With the addition of the Fabrication Lab, our team is off to the races as soon as kick-off comes around.


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