Hatboro-Horsham District Competition

by David C.

The Hatboro-Horsham Week 1 competition was a blast! Miss Daisy could not have performed anymore past our expectations, and the feeling of competition was nostalgic to our veterans and exhilarating to our rookies. Day one of the competition left the entire team in high spirits, as Daisy claimed the number one spot after winning all of her matches for the day. The team was very busy working in the pits, on the field, as well as going around to other teams and scouting.

On the second day, we selected second-seeded team number 1218 and team number 1640 as our alliance partners going into the elimination rounds. Two burned-out motors later, our alliance went on to win all of our matches to win the blue banner, and the team also received the Industrial Design Award. With Hatboro-Horsham behind us, we’re looking forward to more success at Chestnut Hill this week!

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