2004: Raising the Bar

In 2004, when the bar had been raised, our team continued to struggle financially, and even began having difficulties on the field. Though off the field, the team won several awards. The Team Spirit Award was won at the Chesapeake Regional Competition and Miss Daisy was also presented Regional Chairman’s Award at the Philadelphia Alliance Regional, for the second consecutive year. Moving on to the Nationals, the team was awarded Honorable Mention for the National Chairman’s Award. Though the year was rough, it was a great experience for both students and advisers.

Awards at a Glance
  • Championship Chairman’s Award Honorable Mention (Final Four)
  • Philadelphia Regional Chairman’s Award
  • Chesapeake Regional Daimler-Chrysler Team Spirit
  • FIRST® Robotics Website Excellence Award
  • Pennsylvania Robot Challenge Finalist and # 1 Seed
  • Summer Frenzy Champions

2004 Robot, “Miss Daisy III”

  • Fast speed, roughly 8.5 ft/sec
  • Ability to grab goals
  • Able to collect up to 9 5-pt balls at a time
  • Fast telescoping arm allows us to hang from the floor
  • 4-motor drive allows us speed and POWER
  • Tilt mechanism on arm allows us to uncap any goal
  • Knock 10pt ball off of tee


2004 Game Challenge, RAISING THE BAR

Teams will become frenzied as they strategize on whether their robots will negotiate IR beacons during the Autonomous Period, herd small balls to Ball Corrals, cap large balls on goals, move mobile goals, climb steps or attempt to hang from the Pull-Up Bar. The object of the game is for teams’ robots to trigger the Ball Release during the first 15 seconds, collect balls and feed them to the Human Players who will throw them into the goals. Robots will try to cap the goals with large balls to double the point value contained in that goal and attempt to end the match hanging from the center Pull-Up Bar. This year’s game requires excellent coordination between the robots and very accurate Human Players. With multiple ways to score points, it will be necessary to track your score as well as your opponent’s score and make critical decisions near the end of the match.


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