2010: Breakaway

2010 was Miss Daisy’s most successful year ever. At both the New York City and Philadelphia Regionals, Miss Daisy came out on top as #1 seed and later went on to win both regionals! Its hard to top two regional wins but Miss Daisy and her crew went on to the Championships with high hopes and came home with highest honor in FIRST®: the Championship Chairman’s Award. No words can describe the joy our team felt when this award was announced – it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Daisy team now has so many new plans for our future and can’t wait to help even more FIRST® teams in the years to come!

Awards at a Glance
  • Championship Chairman’s Award
  • Championship Website Excellence Award
  • Philadelphia Regional Champions
  • Philadelphia Regional Chairman’s Award
  • Philadelphia Regional Co-opertition Award
  • Philadelphia Regional Best Website Award
  • Philadelphia Regional Dean’s List Award: Evan O.
  • New York City Regional Champions
  • New York City Regional Best Website Award
  • New York City Regional Kleiner-Perkins Entrepreneurship Award

2010 Robot, “Miss Daisy IX”

  • 8 Wheel drive
  • 4 Drive Motors
  • Robot Speed 8.8 ft/s
  • 1.2 Coefficient of friction tires
  • High shooting percentage
  • Low center of gravity
  • Easily climbs the barriers
  • High power ball magnet
  • Can shoot from anywhere on the field
  • Hangs from tower in 10 seconds
  • Autonomous modes:
    • Kicks 3 balls from far zone
    • Kicks 2 balls from middle zone
    • Climbs over the barrier

Miss Daisy IX

2010 Game Challenge, BREAKAWAY

BREAKAWAY is played on a 27-by-54 foot rectangular field. There are two bumps to divide the field into three sections and a white line that divides the field down the middle. Two towers stand at the intersections of the bumps and the white lines. Two alliances of three robots, try to kick soccer balls into their alliance’s goals. At the end of each match, the robots are encouraged to hang from the towers. In order to receive points, a robot hanging must be at least 18 inches off the ground. Any robot suspended from another robot hanging to the tower will receive extra points. For every ball scored in an alliance’s goal, that alliance will receive one point. For every robot suspended more than 18 inches off the ground, their alliance will receive two points, and alliances will attain three points for every robot hanging off another robot.

2010 Game, BREAKAWAY™

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