2001: Diabolical Dynamics

In the 2001 season, the team decided to change its name to “Hephaestus,” after the Greek god of technology, metals, and fire. Our robot that year even sported a flashy fire paint scheme. At the National Competition at Epcot in Orlando, Florida the team won Ford Motor Company’s “Best Team” Award. That year we also won the Ramp Riot event as the alliance team leader.

Awards at a Glance
  • Ford Motor Company “Best Team” Award
  • Ramp Riot Champions

2001 Robot, “Hephaestus”

  • 8 Wheel drive
  • 4 Drive Motors
  • Robot Speed 8.8 ft/s
  • 1.2 Coefficient of friction tires
  • High shooting percentage
  • Low center of gravity
  • Easily climbs the barriers
  • High power ball magnet
  • Can shoot from anywhere on the field
  • Hangs from tower in 10 seconds
  • Autonomous modes:
    • Kicks 3 balls from far zone
    • Kicks 2 balls from middle zone
    • Climbs over the barrier




The object of this game is to score as many points as possible by placing 13″ rubber balls into two 7-foot high octagonal goals with wheels. Teams can then score additional points by balancing their robots/goals on a tilting platform in the center of the field. Each of four teams begins the match in the start zone, which is on one end of the field. Each player station contains 5 balls, and also, 20 balls are contained in the end zone, at the other end of the field. Additionally, each team has its own 30″ ball which can be placed on top of a goal to multiply that team’s score by 1.1, rounded to the nearest point.

Any small ball in a goal is worth one point, and a large ball is worth 10 points. If a robot is in the end zone at the end of the match, the alliance gains 10 points. A team may choose to place its robot on a “stretcher,” which is a 50″ x 44″ wooden platform with wheels. If the stretcher ends the match in the end zone, it is also worth an additional 10 points. An alliance’s score is doubled for each goal that ends the match on the center bridge while it is balanced. Finally, a team can end the match before two minutes has passed. Doing this can multiply the alliance’s score by up to 3.

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