2007: Rack n Roll

2007 started out great when it was announced that Miss Daisy had won the President’s Circle Award. After all the hard work put in during build season, Team 341 demonstrated their love for Miss Daisy at the New Jersey Regional. Team 341’s cheerful antics won them the Daimler Chrysler Team Spirit Award. After New Jersey, Team 341 headed off to Chesapeake, where they won the Woodie Flowers Award. Miss Daisy’s last regional stop was Philadelphia, where they took home the Engineering Inspiration Award as well as the championship.

Awards at a Glance
  • Championship President’s Circle Award
  • Philadelphia Regional Champions
  • Philadelphia Regional Engineering Inspiration Award
  • Chesapeake Regional Woodie Flowers Award
  • New Jersey Regional Daimler-Chrysler Team Spirit Award
  • FIRST® Robotics Website Excellence Award

2007 Robot, “Miss Daisy VI”

  • 4 omni wheels
  • Travels 14 ft per sec
  • Built for speed and agility
  • Solid frame construction
  • Low center of gravity
  • Scores tubes on all three levels
  • Arm extends in 3 seconds
  • Preset arm heights for scoring
  • Scores 4-5 tubes per round on average


2007 Game Challenge, RACK N ROLL

RACK N’ ROLL is played on a 54′ x 26’8″ field with a center structure Rack containing 24 “spider legs,” by two three-team alliances, using three different types of tubes called “Keepers,” “Ringers,” and “Spoilers.”

The game is made up of two scoring periods. The first period is autonomous lasting 15 seconds. In the autonomous period robots try to place a Keeper tube on one of the spider legs of the Rack using a color vision tracking system to find one of the four target lights at the top of the rack. Once placed, a Keeper tube may not be removed or “Spoiled.” During the second period of two minutes the robots are under driver control. In this period the teams will attempt to score more points by using the robots to add Ringers onto the spider legs or by “Spoiling” the opposing teams score by placing a black tube over their Ringer. Points are earned and scored exponentially by the number of consecutive Ringers and keepers in a column or row. Alliances may score additional points if, by the end of the match, their robots are in their home zone and have been lifted off the floor by 4″ or more by another robot before the final buzzer sounds.

Miss Daisy VII

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