Although the 2020 season was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team and our robot made its mark on the season, both in-person and virtually. After some tough decision making during kickoff weekend, we designed and manufactured Miss Daisy XIX to be a tough competitor. Our robot can shoot in the outer and inner power ports, climb the generator switch at any of its positions, and manipulate the control wheel in both rotation control and position control—all while fitting beneath the trench. We found ourselves in a slump at the Hatboro-Horsham District Competition, where we were constantly chasing down problem after problem during our qualification matches. During alliance selection, we found ourselves on the #1 seed alliance, and made an impressive comeback as a formidable defensive robot. At the end of our elimination matches, we became the competition’s champions alongside our alliance partners. We left the event proud of our progress, and eager to improve our robot.

Shortly thereafter, the entire season came to a grinding halt. We found ourselves adjusting to a virtual world, and searching for projects to dedicate ourselves for the remainder of our season. We tackled Onshape’s “Robots to the Rescue” CAD competition, where we were tasked with creating a robot to solve a problem of our choosing. Our team designed a robot that could clean zoo habitats without contact between zookeepers and animals in the face of the pandemic. We won third place out of over 100 teams worldwide, sealing off a season of unknowns with a win.

Awards at a Glance

2020 Robot, “Miss Daisy XIX”

Overall Robot

  • 120 pounds
  • Trench robot
  • 33” long, 26.5” wide, 27.5” tall


  • (6) 6” pneumatic wheels
  • (6) NEO motors
  • 0.125” and 0.090” sheet metal
  • 11.5 ft/sec


  • Made from 0.040” Versaframe
  • 3-D printed Bearing Blocks
  • Uses (1) NEO 550 and (2) CIMs
  • SpectraCable winch

Control Panel Manipulator

  • Made from recycled Hatch Panels
  • Position and Rotation Control
  • Pneumatically actuated 
  • Built in Hard-Stop


  • 30-degree angle
  • Unable to be blocked by defend
  • Uses 2 NEO’s
  • Uses LimeLight2+
  • 5” Aluminum Flywheels

Power Cell Intake

  • Over-the-bumper intake
  • Uses compliant wheels
  • Uses 1 NEO 550
  • Can take in 3 Power Cells at once


  • Indexes balls into a single file line
  • Uses compliant wheels and urethane belts
  • Uses a 775 Pro and 1 CIM

2020 Game Challenge, INFINITE RECHARGE

This year’s FIRST® Robotics Competition game for the 2020 season was INFINITE RECHARGE. It involves two alliances of three teams each, with each team controlling a robot and performing specific tasks on a field to score points. The game centers around a futuristic city theme involving two alliances consisting of three teams each competing to perform various tasks, including shooting foam balls known as Power Cells (rhino skin balls) into high and low goals to activate a Shield Generator, manipulating a Control Panel to activate this shield, and returning to the Shield Generator to park or climb at the end of the match. The objective is to energize and activate the shield before the match ends.


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