2006: Aim High

The 2006 season marked the return of our beloved advisor Mr. Torrente from North Montco Technical Career Center. He was not alone however, students from Montco followed him and provided their skills to aid the team. Team 341 went on to win an award at every competition they participated in.

Awards at a Glance
  • Championship Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award
  • Philadelphia Regional Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award
  • Chesapeake Regional Engineering Inspiration Award
  • FIRST® Robotics Website Excellence Award
  • Pennsylvania Robot Challenge “Out of the PARC” Award

2006 Robot, “Miss Daisy V”

  • 4-wheel drive
  • 2-speed transmission
  • Travels 7ft/sec in low gear
  • Travels 14ft/sec in high gear
  • 1.2 coefficient of high friction tires
  • Autonomous
    • 4 functions
    • Scores 10 balls in autonomous
  • High shooting percentage
  • Human player loading
  • Shoots for center goal
  • Climbs the ramp
  • Strong pusher
  • Pop caster for quick turns
  • 15 ball capacity
  • Low center of gravity
  • 360 degree turret
  • Light tracking turret
  • Solid frame construction
  • “Built for Battle!”


2006 Game Challenge, AIM HIGH

3 RED human players and 3 BLUE human players stand in their alliance zones. Players must throw retrieved balls over the Plexiglas shields from behind the starting line to replenish alliance robot depleted balls, score a single alliance points by manually throwing balls into corner goals, or throwing balls to disrupt opposing alliance ball launches.

Miss Daisy VII

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