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The 2016 season brought a world of ‘new.’ Two new subteams allow for more development and exploration within the team, supported fully by new coaches and mentors joining the Miss Daisy family. With new subteams has come a new […]

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2015: Recycle Rush

The 2015 season has provided a great experience for Miss Daisy. Throughout the build season, our team has enjoyed working together on recycle rush, with members gaining new skills and experiences on a daily basis. […]

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2014: Aerial Assist

The 2014 season was one of our best so far! We worked hard during and after build season to create a strong, well-performing machine for Aerial Assist℠. […]

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2013: Ultimate Ascent

The 2013 season brought new challenges and opportunities to Miss Daisy. The team reached out to new mentors and sponsors to build a strong robot for ULTIMATE ASCENT™. […]

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2012: Rebound Rumble

In 2012, we broke our glass ceiling yet again. Miss Daisy set new personal bests and new world records for number of first seeds, number of wins overall, and highest scoring game in the official season. […]

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2011: Logo Motion

Going into the 2011 season, Miss Daisy set her sights on the technical aspects of the FIRST® Robotics program. […]

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2010: Breakaway

2010 was Miss Daisy’s most successful year ever. At both the New York City and Philadelphia Regionals, Miss Daisy came out on top as #1 […]

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2009: Lunacy

2009 marked Team 341’s tenth anniversary. While we have not always been Daisies we are proud to have flowered for so long. […]

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2008: FIRST® Overdrive

2008 was a year full of excitement for Team 341. Team members put in a lot of hard work and in the end, Miss Daisy paid back in full. […]

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2007: Rack 'N Roll

2007 started out great when it was announced that Miss Daisy had won the President’s Circle Award. After all the hard work put in during build season, […]

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2006: Aim High

The 2006 season marked the return of our beloved advisor Mr. Torrente from North Montco Technical Career Center. He was not alone however, students from Montco […]

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2005: Triple Play

In 2005, the Wissahickon Senior High School Robotics Team lost their partner, North Montco Technical Career Center. By losing two advisors, team members, and a building facility, Miss Daisy […]

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2004: Raising the Bar

In 2004, when the bar had been raised, our team continued to struggle financially, and even began having difficulties on the field. Though off the field, the team won several awards…

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