The 2016 season  brought a world of ‘new.’ Two new subteams allow for more development and exploration within the team, supported fully by new coaches and mentors joining the Miss Daisy family. With new subteams came a new forum, facilitating discussion between all. New sponsors enabled us to build a twin robot, leading us to success throughout the season!

Awards at a Glance
  • FIRST® Mid-Atlantic Hatboro-Horsham District Competition: #4 Seed
  • FIRST® Mid-Atlantic Hatboro-Horsham District Competition: Judge’s Award
  • FIRST® Mid-Atlantic Westtown District Competition: Event Finalist
  • FIRST® Mid-Atlantic Westtown District Competition: Imagery Award
  • FIRST® Mid-Atlantic Westtown District Competition: Hard Hat Safety Award
  • FIRST® Mid-Atlantic District Championship: Winners
  • FIRST® Mid-Atlantic District Championship: Innovation in Control Award
  • China Robotics Challenge (CRC) Inspiration Award

2016 Robot, “Miss Daisy XV”


  • 120.0 pounds
  • 47” tall
  • Low center of gravity


  • 10 6″ WCP Diamond Tread pneumatic wheels
  • Capable of traversing category B, C, and D defenses
  • Angled bellypan propels robot upward over defenses
  • Elevated front and back wheels to ensure high initial point of contact


  • 18″ wide 4-bar linkage over-bumper intake dropped by pneumatic cylinders
  • Can collect balls anywhere on the floor
  • Ball conveyor can run in reverse to score low goals


  • Two 6″ Skyway wheels
  • Shooter hood actuates via over-center linkage and has two rails to center balls and ensure repeatable shots
  • Can score from the outer works or batter


  • Arms made from VersaFrame square tubing equipped with steel rigging hooks


  • Axis Camera and LED ring for automatic targeting
  • 9-axis NavX MXP gyro responsible for autonomous mode


  • Multiple PID loops enabling tight closed-loop control of auto-aiming shooter RPM and distance control
  • Variety of 1-ball autonomous modes


2016 Game Challenge, FIRST STRONGHOLD

FIRST STRONGHOLD is played on a 27 ft. by 54 ft. field. Each alliance commands one tower, five defenses, and a ‘secret passage’ which allows their robots to restock on ammunition, called boulders. One defense in each alliance’s set of five, the low bar, is a permanent part of the field. Three defenses are selected strategically by the alliance prior to the start of their match. The final defense changes periodically by audience selection.

Each FIRST STRONGHOLD match begins with a 15-second autonomous period in which robots operate independently of human control. During this period, robots attempt to cross opposing defenses and score in the opposing tower.

During the remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds of the match, called the teleop period, robots are controlled by student drivers from behind their castle wall at the end of the field. Teams on an alliance work together to cross defenses, weaken the opposing tower by scoring boulders in it, and finally surround, scale and capture the tower.


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