2014 Build Season: Week 2

Design & Mechanical

This week in mechanical the team has been working on a lot of different  shooters and have finally picked out one that they think is a keeper. After much discussion with the coaches and students the team agreed on a shooter. They have also been working very hard on a catcher. There was a dedicated group who worked very hard on a catcher for the robot. On Saturday, the team came together and discussed what we were going to do for week 3. We discussed what the robot was going to look like and who was going to be on which part of the creation of the robot.
2014 Build Season

The media team continued their work on the vlogs. They continued to take pictures of the mechanical team as well as everything else that is happening during the times that we are at the shop. The team also did some interviews with the rookies and the veterans. They recorded the interviews and are now editing them into the first vlog.


The team had a bit of a problem when one of the members broke one of the practice websites. However, the media coach came and helped the team out by fixing the website. The team was very grateful and got back to work. They updated the team news and the team’s Tumblr.

2014 Build Season


The CAD team had their kick-off this Saturday. Once the team had decided what the robot was going to look like the team got right on the job. They started measuring the critical points on the various components that are needed for the robot shooter and the robot catcher. They also began on working with the media team to fix up the mobile museum.

This is the start of a long process of building the robot, and we can wait to begin. We hope other teams are having as much fun a good fortune as us and will see them all at the competition.

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