Week 4: Something New, Something Blue

Despite snowmaggedon, Daisy is looking as good as ever. We have added Thursdays to our weekly meeting schedule to make up for the lost time, and it is paying off.

The drive base was up and running on Saturday and the 24256101184_94fe4916f7_oteam spent some time testing it. It was a pleasant surprise to see us not just drive over the obstacles, but fly over them. That coincided with a decision to put portcullis and cheval de frise manipulation on hold. With our shooter accurately hitting the high goal from the batter and the defenses, our intake picking up balls in .5 seconds, our vision tracking coming along nicely, and a drivetrain that barely touches the defenses, cycling has become our main priority.

The CAD team finished designing our shooter, and the parts will be coming in on Tuesday. At this point our robot is almost completely designed in CAD, and we should have it built by the end of next week. Our timeline was pushed back a week by the snow, but luckily we planned to finish by week four, so we are still in good shape.

The awards team has had a busy week, the first of many. After selecting our Woodie Flowers nominees, Lou Orehek and Kirsten Jahn Richardson, they worked tirelessly to finish both entries this week. Next week they will get to it again for our Dean’s List nominees, Gerard G. and Dariya R.

With two bases, one freshly coated in blue paint, the electrical team has had their work cut out for them. The first was running on Saturday, until the battery popped out. As always, the problem was electrical. The drive base was also a little crooked, but the mechanical team fixed that on Sunday. There is still some refinement to be done on the code, but we should be putting our drive bases through some pretty extensive testing in the next week.

The hanger w24516658469_641e851813_oas falling behind the other mechanisms until this weekend. 
Coach Sean B. pushed the group to solve some of the issues they were facing, such as the incorporation of a winch into the preexisting hanging arms. They were able to finalize the hanging design, allowing the team to move forward to systems integration.

It’s been awhile since Daisy was looking this good by week 4. By the end of week 5, we hope to have intakes on both robots as well as shooters – which will be coming this Tuesday! Finally the programming team can get some one-on-one time with the robot.

Collaboration by Josh S. and Andrew H.

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