Week 1: Daisy’s PowerMoves®

38957738454_756a4657fb_oGoing into the season, it was anyone’s guess as to what the game could be for this year. Would it be like 2015 with obstacles blocking our path? Or maybe even the mysterious water game that members of FRC have been hoping for? As the game was revealed, jaws dropped at the field’s simplicity and room for complex strategies. FRC came swinging, but Daisy is ready to fight!

With our heads high and petals blowing in the wind, we hit the ground running in the first weekend by analyzing the rules, plotting our necessary mechanisms, and building a strategy that would surpass 27887792189_1953106fc1_oyears before. It is unclear the exact mechanics Daisy will be fitted with. With teams of four or five, mechanics are readily devised. One group constructs an arm, handling and delivering the cubes faster than you can say “Digiorno.” Another erects a hanger to launch our team against the boss. And to pull in the cubes irregular shape, some fiddle with her intake. Daisy’s mechanics will move cubes through the field with ease while mounted on a silver steed.  Her drive base will be top-notch, fitted with our kingdom’s finest sheet metal and operating with a tank drive.

As dreams of steel and rivets raced through the minds of38957738884_30e35d5261_b the mechanical subteam, strategy was being born with pen and paper. The robots were separated into three personalities. Robot #1 will be the leader, a fast-paced scoring robot designed to gain the scale in auton. Robot #2 will be an assistant, contesting the scale throughout gameplay. Most importantly, Robot #3 will be shuttling power cubes to the exchange and playing a defensive game. To create a more realistic strategy, our team intends to 3D print a scale model of the field. While the complexity of our strategy grew, one simple phrased echoed through the room: “Power moves only!”

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