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FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) 

FRC blends the educational aspects of science and technology with the excitement of competitive sports. Students who participate in FRC compete with a robot they design and build. They also have the opportunity to learn other skills in the areas of CAD, programming, design, business, photography, videography, and more. Every year, FIRST® creates a new game for the robots to play. The teams then design and build a competition robot for the game. After a two-month build period that spans January and February, competition season begins. Competitions culminate with the FIRST® World Championships in late April. 

What we do 

The Wissahickon High School FIRST® Robotics Competition Team is an evening and weekend activity designed to inspire young people to pursue careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Students build complex machines, learn valuable skills such as CAD, photography, and business, travel the world, win scholarships, and have the time of their life. The team also puts a strong emphasis on community outreach activities and charity. The program is open to students in grades 9-12. 


Whether you’re interested in engineering or photography, there’s a place for you on Team 341, Miss Daisy! Our team is broken down into sub-teams that work as individual units that collaborate to make our robot.

Game Strategy
The game strategy team develops the best plan of action for our robot to follow each season, analyzes matches and other robots at competition, and uses this data to formulate strategies for matches.
Robot Build and Design
The robot design and build team is responsible for the construction of the team's competition robot for the season, uses CAD software to flesh out robot mechanisms, operates tools for manufacturing, and implements the robot’s electrical system.
The programming team learns how to program our robot to complete game tasks efficiently, integrates sensors to automate certain robot features, and works with our student operators to code intuitive controls.
The media team documents team activities year-round through the use of still photography and video, designs art for the team, edits recap videos showing the public what our team does, and collaborates with the public relations & website subteam.
Public Relations & Website
The Public Relations & Website subteam creates our team’s award submissions for competitions, talks to judges and other important VIPs throughout the season, is the “face” of Miss Daisy, creates written content for the website, keeps website up-to-date with team happenings, and collaborates with Media subteam.

Time requirements

Students are expected to dedicate time to the team every week to ensure our success. Rookies, or first-year students, can choose between being a part-time member or a full-time member. We anticipate students commit full-time by their second year on the team.

Time Period/ Activity Minimum Requirement
Minimum Requirement
Training Period (Oct-Dec) 18 hours/month 12 hours/month
Build/Competition Period (Jan-Apr) 12 hours/week 8 hours/week

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