Week 6: Dreams and Nightmares



Just because build season is coming to an end doesn’t mean that our robot is as well. As we head into the last few days of the season, more and more mechanisms are coming to life. After working tirelessly for six weeks, our team is ecstatic to see the final product that we will bag on Tuesday night.


In terms of Robot Design/Build, we’ve taken some L’s and some W’s. Our intake has great capabilities, grasping multiple Power Cubes and stacking them onto the scale and switch as we practice on our mock field. Although we’ve made some 28406083609_f4e06ae2c3_osignificant changes, some have ended badly; for instance, our arm mechanism. Approximately at 3:30 PM on Saturday afternoon, our arm mechanism snapped and the plastic broke into pieces. To save weight we thought of the bright idea to use plastic instead of metal. However we forgot that plastic is not as strong as metal. Now, the day before bag day, we are rushing to build a metal arm. As for the climber, preparations are still being made to mount it onto the robot. After through deliberation as to what to do next, the climber group agreed it would be in their best interests to create their own climber to fill in the place of the sheet metal while bagged up.40051153512_3b2d4d3db1_o

While build was rushing to fix their mistakes, media was on the other side of the glass making robot art and creating 8- bit animations. Some media members also worked on our pit posters; updating the information so it reflects this year and giving them a new look 8-bity look.

It’s not all bad news as our wonderful team members have written you one last song, and we all think this one is a real dream (or… nightmare?) Here is our parody of Meek Miller’s “Dreams and Nightmares”:


We used to pray for times like this, design like this

So we had to grind like that to rise like this

In a matter of time we spent on some prototypin’

Morgan front the trailer drivin’, Miss Daisy on fritz

See our dreams erode, nightmares control

It was time to marry a CAD and say “Yea, I do”

If you want it you gotta build it, ain’t half, whole way through

Got a sponsor, they tryna bless me like we got no clue

Like a Daisy ceased, we ain’t freeze before 6 week release/

We control means, never let null code get in between

Of what we started, lil sprout but we never parted

They laughin’ when we was off and hated when I got restarted

I go and get it regardless, measure like I’m an artist.

No stallin skip straight to swervin with blueprints in my shopin’

Got foreign teams poppin’, making, takin’, and tinkerin’

Anything can be crafted they tell me get it, I got em

Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought i was finished

When we copped that dope sheet metal y’all thought it was rented?

Straining on steel rivets, I’m like Popeye on his spinach

Daisy 3, yeah that’s my team, Kamen the captain, I’m the lieutenant

We the type to bag on week 2 then grind like it’s broke

That tank drive, our strapped ride, she flies like she floats

We drivin around my field from exchange to portal

Cause we look at that trophy and i gotta take it back home

Cause Miss Daisy need that build money and our scale needs be filled

These robots tryna make red lights, they crash around get drilled

You crash around, you crash around, you crash around, get broke

Cause this Daisy robot I brought with me don’t crash around, no joke

All I know is merkin’, backwards one-four-three

I got young rookies that’s knowin’ I got veterans plantin’ P’s

We done did the HOF yo hey Woodie look at me

I even got my boy Will.i.am, he reppin Black Eyed Peas

Im like, “real Daisies, stand up”, “real Daisies, stand up”

“If y’all aint about that build season then lazy Daisy backup”

If you need that levitate, Ill bump your robo a step up

Power on under the hood, she always runs like she should

Catching looks in the pit crew, yeah we know she looks good

With that jig game on my feet, like the little CIM that could

Mic drop


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