Week 6 Blog Post

This blog post was written by Kai K.

There are a couple things any successful garden needs: rain, sunlight, good dirt, and plants! We had a lot of rain in our team’s garden last week. The hanger failed during testing, prompting the need for a new design. Since then, we’ve “grown” fond of a new design, one centered towards the middle of the robot, with Kameren, a member of the hanger subgroup, saying “The new design is impeccable.”

51879835311_bc047daa9b_cAlthough the new design successfully integrated itself on the bars of the robot, it uprooted the ball path subteam’s place on the robot. The new hanger design blocked the ability for the shooter to make shots without hitting the hanger, and bouncing away. This meant that ball path had to transplant their mechanism to another space on the robot. Nonetheless, the ball path sprouted to the challenge, and successfully integrated the design into the robot. It’s a high pressure environment to assemble the shooter on the robot now, with Hemish, a member of ball path commenting, “It’s very intense right now. It’s going to kick butt in competition.”

Steady progress on the intake continued as well, which was thankfully able to flower in peace, since it did not need to make any changes to accommodate the hanger. The drivebase had been sitting for a while, but on Thursday we received some exciting news. The swerve modules had finally arrived! They needed some assembling till they were ready to go, but the end was in sight! With the swerve modules attached to the robot, we could finally wheel out a finished robot! We completed the twin robot quickly, and we’re making progress with our competition robot!

Programming has been hard at work for these past few weeks, using old swerve modules the team had on hand to try to code a script to make the newly integrated swerve drivebase successfully work! The programming team was able to whip this practice into top gear when they got the twin robot! If all goes well with the twin robot, they should be able to start integrating their code into the competition robot. Eadyn, the leader of programming, commented: “The robot is going awesome! It doesn’t really get any better than this!”


The Media and Public Relations teams are plowing through the necessary documents for competition season. The business plan is completed, and the design binder is on its way! Despite a gloomy forecast at the start of the week, everything’s coming together for Miss Daisy. With one robot done, and the competition robot fast coming along we’ve got nothing but sunny days ahead!

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