Ramp Riot 2022: We’re Back, Baby!

In 2000, one year after Team 341 began, we hosted our first ever off-season competition. Racking our brains for a name for the event, we looked to the field and gazed upon the ramp configuration on the field. Thus, Ramp Riot was born! The next few years also had games consisting of ramps, and the name stuck. From that day on, Miss Daisy has been known for our annual off-season competition. 

For the first time since 2019, community members had the opportunity to spectate and attend our event! We had teams from New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and obviously… Pennsylvania! Team members and community members alike delighted in connecting over a shared interest in robots. Miss Daisy’s volunteers guided drivers of all ages through the Sparky’s Robot World playing field and the mechanisms of our demonstration boards. With help from parent volunteers, we even organized a face-painting station! Spectators watched 31 FRC teams compete in qualification rounds, ending with the newly-proposed FIRST double elimination rounds. Not only were we hosting a Rapid React competition, we also hosted an FTC scrimmage in our cafeteria.


For our team, cultivating the spirit of cooperation is always a priority. Every year, Ramp Riot welcomes pre-rookie teams, teams that plan to debut in the upcoming season. This year, Team 9094 from Friends’ Central was able to attend and compete, even though they didn’t have a completed robot! Members from our team collaborated with 9094’s members to assemble a scoring mechanism. Conversation flowed, ideas sprouted, and friendships were made! 

The FIRST Mid-Atlantic community pulled together to contribute canned food to our food drive. Along with all their heavy robot equipment, teams spent the extra effort to bring over 600 items, totaling up to 550 pounds worth of food. We were able to donate the immense quantity to our local food bank, Mattie Dixon! We appreciate both our local community and our First Mid-Atlantic community for continually showing up and showing out!


During matches, members of Team 341 had the opportunity to help emcee along with the usual MC at the event! They pulled out their announcer voices and led the audience through the ups and downs of each game. Team 2539, Krypton Cougars, along with their alliance of Team 484, Roboforce, Team 533, PSIcotics, and Team 1712, Dawgma won the event – earning them awards custom made by our team! Additionally, congrats to Team 321 Robolancers for winning our outreach award, Team 103 Cybersonics for winning the sunlight award, and Team 9094 Friends’ Central Robotics for winning the Prized Flower Award! We were so happy to host everyone and look forward to having everyone next year too!



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