Springside Chestnut Hill District Competition

Written by Hannah Y., Hemish M., and Vivian H.

Recently, Miss Daisy competed at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy for our second district competition of the season. After our first performance at the Hatboro-Horsham District Competition, we focused on iterations to improve the consistency of our shooter, autos, and other scoring sequences. We also beefed up our intake in hopes to protect us from high impact collisions, allowing our robot to continue performing the key tasks of the game.

For the first few matches, we experienced brief issues with the belt on our over-the-bumper intake. Despite these mechanical hiccups, our robot performed critical defense and secured these early wins. Between matches, our diligent pit crew patched up these errors and ensured our robot’s peak performance in later matches.  

After the 12th qualification match, an unexpected field error occurred. Unfortunately, one of the driver stations was not connecting to the field, causing an abrupt halt in matches during the day. Despite the frustrations, however, Daisy students used the new downtime during the competition to meet other students from other teams. Students got to explore the playgrounds and participate in exciting games of kickball and frisbee to pass the time. Lots of our students made new friends in a nontraditional robotics bonding experience. 

After a couple hours, the field finally connected and Miss Daisy was ready to continue competing. All-in-all, past the hiccups, our spirited enthusiasm and dedicated pit and booth crew propelled us to a 7-0 record of qualification matches. We ended the first day placed 1st overall. 

We started the second day of qualifications strong with multiple successful qualification matches. Unfortunately, nearing the end of qualifications, our climbing mechanism suffered a minor failure. However, our pit students were ready for any challenge thrown at them, and after playing a match without a functioning climber, Miss Daisy had a spare climber put on, ready to go for the rest of the day. Despite dropping two matches amid the morning’s mechanical issues, we still managed to power our way to the 2nd seed heading into alliance selection. Our scouts gathered together to look over data and find out the best possible plan for us to succeed in this competition.

We were graciously invited by the 1st seed Krypton Cougars – 2539, and later picked team 5407 Wolfpack Robotics, to complete our alliance. Our resilient alliance took the field. What unfolded was nothing short of a masterclass in teamwork, strategy, and sheer determination. One by one, we dismantled every opponent through precise driving, unbreakable focus, and our rock-solid engineering. After an undefeated run through the upper-bracket, we were ready to compete with Alliance #5. 

In both finals matches, there was only a 5 point difference coming out of the autonomous periods. Everyone was holding their breaths. When the final, heart-pounding match concluded in a 87-70 victory, the stands erupted. The stands roared as we knew that we would be getting our third straight Springside Chestnut Hill banner! Our ability to adapt and overcome the setbacks made the triumph that much sweeter.

Between our finals matches, we were honored to receive the Excellence in Engineering Award for the second time this season. In a weekend that pushed all of our students to their limits, Miss Daisy showed true championship resolve. Winning this award was a testament to our professional approach and well-built robot design, as well as our persistence in continuing to refine robot mechanisms and software.  

Despite every curveball, we more than stayed hungry in Springside – we demonstrated an insatiable appetite for excellence through teamwork, tenacity, and engineering prowess. And now, our sights are set on the Mid-Atlantic Championship!

As the operator, I was very nervous throughout these two days with all of our successes and setbacks, but being able to see our team win the event was all worth it in the end. Being the operator for three years in a row, and winning the Springside Chestnut Hill event in all three years, makes me incredibly proud to be a part of this amazing team.


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