2013 Build Season: Week 6

2013 Build SeasonDesign & Mechanical by Willow B.
Saturday: Today we built a robot. We drove for the first time, and were delighted with how well it worked. More work was done on the arm, and the plan was to have the robot working ASAP. The arm was mounted today and we found that we had overlooked a large detail of the design, making our job much more complicated. There was a large conflict between a shaft and the magazine, and this late in the design process there was nowhere to move it. As if we weren’t having enough trouble this build season, we now have much more to worry about.
Monday: Today mechanical worked to fix the conflict we overlooked with the magazine. More work was done on the arm, and robot testing continued. We have a robot, it’s still just a matter of making it work the way we want it to.
Tuesday: We continued with the minor tweaks in an attempt to get the robot working. The programming team spent a lot of time with the robot, and it was really starting to work.
Wednesday: We continued pondering necessary last minute design changes, as we continued testing and programming the robot. Meanwhile, the mobile museum bots from the DOW Chemical grant are coming along well, thanks to a crew of dedicated students. Many of this years robots are nearing completion, but there are still many improvements (and awesomeness) that need to be made.
Thursday: We kept tweaking and testing the robot, trying to get it to work perfectly. Daisy is now up and driving around, and we now just have a lot of improvements to make.
Friday: Today the programming team spent a lot of time with Daisy, driving her around and testing her awesome abilities. By now we are aware that our drive is killer this year, a fact that was confirmed by the large dent in some sheet metal that had to be bent back into shape. We finally realize that it might be a good idea to add bumpers sooner rather than later. Minor tweaks were made, but nothing solved our core issues.

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