Hatboro-Horsham District Competition

by Christine V. & Emily O.

2013 Hatboro-Horsham District CompetitionStarting on Day Zero of the Hatboro-Horsham District Competition, Miss Daisy seemed strong. We began practicing for the first time and fine-tuned our shooting. To do this, we shot at a mini piece of wood that had reflection tape the exact scale of the actual goal. We ended up being very precise and many people passing by stopped to watch.

Throughout Saturday, Miss Daisy faced many challenges with her intake. The lexan beneath the belts bent into the floor during many of the matches, causing the intake to break several times. The gusset plates that connected the intake to the robot also snapped off constantly, making it tedious for our mechanical team; however, Miss Daisy persisted and ended up winning 4 out of her 7 matches that day.

2013 Hatboro-Horsham District CompetitionSunday was a great relief to the entire team. We started out strong and finished strong as well. While we were not at maximum frisbee handling capacity, nor did we have our hanging mechanism fully ready, we ended up sweeping the finals and became the Hatboro-Horsham Champions with Team 2590 and Team 3123. This was our second year in a row! We hope to start out our next competition at Chestnut Hill with a much improved intake and a 20-point climber.

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