Week Three: A Storm is Brewing

This has been a productive week in the shop!

Drive Base Assembly: The drive base is the foundation of the robot, and it is crucial for its movement and maneuverability. The team started by assembling the base, which involved putting together the different components to form a stable and functional platform. This process involved precise measurements and careful installation to ensure that the base would perform optimally.

Mounting the Intake: After the drive base was assembled, the team began to mount the intake onto the 2022 robot. This process involved attaching the intake mechanism to the base and ensuring that it was securely in place. The team also tested the intake to verify that it was functioning properly, which involved turning on the new motors and observing the new motors and observing their performances.


New Design Concept: While the team was mounting the intake, they also started another design concept for the robot. Ths involved brainstorming and sketching out ideas for an improved robot design. The team considered factors such as efficiency, speed, and maneuverability when coming up with their new concept.

Electronics: The electrical team removed all the electronics on the 2022 robot in preparation for the new design. They replaced the swerve modules with falcons, which are faster and more efficient. The team carefully installed the new electronics, making sure that they were properly connected and functioning correctly.

Media and Programming Efforts: The media team was working on creating a video to showcase the team’s progress and achievements. Meanwhile the programming team was focusing on aligning the April tags and balancing the charging station. They also implemented the Kalman filter, a mathematical algorithm helping to predict the position and orientation of the robot.


Scouting Team: The scouting team was also making valuable contributions to the team’s efforts They implemented scout notes, which were used to collect qualitative results from competitions. This information was used to evaluate the performance of the robot and make improvements to its design.

The drive base assembly was the beginning of the team’s efforts in creating a successful robot. WIth the mounting of the intake, the start of the new design concept, the removal and replacement of electronics, the media and programming efforts and the scouting team’s contributions, the team was well on its way to achieving its goals.
The competition has heated up. We have made some electrifying progress this week– especially with the intake! It has come down to the last two rivals: Rhyming Roller and Pikachu Pinchy. But first, the pleasing programming pythons had some words to say,

I’m the robot with the April tag aligned,
My sensors sharp, my movements fine
I navigate with precision and speed
My algorithms, the best indeed

I can balance on a dime while charging up, ain’t no crime
My sensors detect the charging plate
I’ll stay put, its my fate

Scout note taking for results so fine,
Qualitative data all in a line, team page on website on the forum, to see the increase
Efficiency in tracking, clarity in sight, data visualization, leads to insight,
Scout note taking, leads the way making sense of results, each and every day.

Heat map picture, shows the trends, where the activity peaks, and where it bends, team age on website, organized and neat, finding information, a breeze so sweet.

Ayo, what crazy bars from the programming squad. Electrical not here cause they’re gods, Replacing swerves and electronics Video done by media just like sonic.

First up the roller claw:
I am the roller claw, the sleek machine
My movements are smooth, my performance supreme
I grab objects with precision
Never any slips my roller mechanism
The envy of all other grips

Roller claw roller claw, the one to beat I stand tall
Pinchy, Pinchy you’ll fall

But wait there a challenger on the rise, the pinchy with its two fingers never dies
It got a different style but don’t be fooled
Its grip is strong its not to be scorned

The battle is on, the choice is yours
Do you want speed or raw power
I am the roller claw the future is mine
But pinchy with its grip will also shine


The battle is done the choice is clear
Roller Claw or Pinchy the winner is here
I am the future, i am the way but pinchy’s grip will never sway

Now Pinchy’s turn:

Gonna mount the intake arm, the robots ready to perform
Better than the roller claw, it’s time to transform
Gonna take it to the next level, with a brand new design
Intake arm’s the way to go, it’s gonna blow your mind

Mounting the intake arm, it’s the future of the game
Gonna take on any challenge, it’s got a winning aim
Better than the roller claw, it’s time to make a change
Mounting the intake arm, it’s the way to arrange

So let’s get ready, it’s time to hit the floor
Gonna show the world, what the intake arm is for
Gonnal leave ‘em all in awe, with our brand new design
Mounting the intake arm, it’s the future, it’s fine

After review from the PR team, they have determined the winner of the rap battle. It can be argued that the roller claw has emerged as the superior mechanism in comparison to pinchy. The roller claw has demonstrated its ability to effectively grip and manipulate game pieces with greater precision and control. Its unique design has proven to be more reliable and versatile in a variety of competitive scenarios. While pinchy may have its own strengths, it appears that the roller claw has established itself as the dominant force in the field.

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