Week Four: Rough Waters

Week 4: 341° Marks The Spot
This blog post is written by Ryan Berger, Eugene Jeon, and Jacob Mathew

My name is Jiffany of Robotica, and I’ve set out on an adventure on the S.S. Daisy with a ragtag group of misfits (students). Their end goal: to collect pieces of the long lost treasure, the Radiant Robot. For years and years, stories of the mythical mechanism have captivated the imaginations of all the inhabitants of Robotica. To locate the different pieces, the group must endure and overcome the evil Cadinator.

Day 1: The Journey Begins

It all started on a Turbulent Tuesday. We first were beached on the shore of DriveLandia. The Media Team began mapping out our journey through their careful lenses. Captain Jandrew of Jeorgia and Jovial Judrey began an expedition on the island to find the missing pieces of the Drivebase. After countless hours of sketching (cadding) different paths of his voyage, Jandrew found the hidden cave where it rested in pieces. Furiously, we waited for him to appear out of the cave, we waited… and waited… and waited. Finally, as the last rays of the sun began to drop past the horizon, Jandrew appeared with the Drivebase shiny, assembled, and a deep Daisy blue.

Day 2: The Work Continues
Once we acquired the Drivebase, Jovial Jaudrey and Joyous Jelise quickly got to work, relentlessly wiring and mounting the drivebase to optimize it to our needs. Jazzy Jevin, antsy on his feet, finally got his chance to work on the Drivebase. Jevin and his crew of programmers began coding the lavish, luminous Limelights. Through their mysterious ways, they found a way to drive and gyrate the Drivebase through escalating and depressing angles.


Day 3: The Claws of The Kraken
Our work was finished in Drivelandia, so the team headed off to their next tasks, the land of Armantis. During the journey to Armantis an eerie fog settled on the sea. Waves ferociously rocked the ship back and forth. Lieutenant Judgmental Jemish and the Jabronis gathered at the front of the deck. And when it couldn’t get any worse, a dark figure appeared in the fog and the waves grew stronger. There was only one thing that it could be… the Killer Kraken. The S.S Daisy was in d-d-danger. The Kraken lethally swung its tentacles at the ship. In the sinking waves, Jemish stumbled and tumbled into the deep dark waters. The Jabronis were struck with paralyzing fear; they thought all hope was lost, but, as if Zeus spoke from the clouds above, lightning struck Jemish and he ascended above the waves and over the Kraken. The Kraken, blinded by the light emanating off of Jemish, sunk back into the waters. After this moment, Poseidon thanked Jemish and rewarded him with the legendary Roller Claw that once ruled the Seven Seas. And now it was smooth sailing to Armantis… Or so they thought.

Day 4: Riding High
The whole crew was riding high after defeating the Kraken. Throughout the adventure Jaroline and her crew were drawing and painting (taking pictures) of the events that took place. In this downtime, they decided to organize the photos, so they could create a whole story of the events after the journey. Also, Jubilant Jeena was journaling, and writing what was happening. She also wrote about the backgrounds of the whole crew. There was a fresh breeze in the air, it was calm. Then Jandrew shouted: “Ahoy Maties”, land is in sight.

Day 5: The Final Piece
The crew, at last, reached Armantis and were ready to pursue the final piece of the treasure. The crewmembers of the S.S Daisy wasted no time searching for the last piece. Prince Yohann of Armantis helped prepare a team to seek out the final piece. The expedition was going to be long and tedious, but the team wasn’t going to give up. They had to journey to the center of Armantis, pass over the valleys, through the hills, and into the dormant volcano. After days of traveling, Prince Yohann and his crew reached the volcano. They used the roller claw as a rope to reach the bottom. At the bottom, there were pieces of metal laying around, shining bright like an angel. Yohann and his brilliant mind decided to use the fire in the volcano to forge the Arm of the treasure! The arm is going to be used as a way to move the roller claw. After banging and clashing with the metal, the Angelic Arm was completed.


All was beautiful, but the Cadinator still roamed under their shadows.

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