Week 4-5: Focused Flowers

Written by: Anisha A., Monica Y., Hannah L.

Miss Daisy has transformed into a bud as we now move into the final weeks of build season. All students and coaches have been putting forth many dedicated hours to completing the beta bot and soon, we will blossom.

These past weeks, mechanical has been working hard to finish the beta robot. They finished building prototypes for the various parts of the robot, which have all been fully attached to the robot. They also started testing intaking notes and making sure our mechanisms work individually and in harmony with the rest of the robot. They are working on finalizing the structures on the beta bot, which will be used as a baseline for the competition robot. Now, our main focus is ensuring our mechanisms continue to do their jobs correctly and provide us with consistent shots. 

Electrical has been working on wiring the beta bot for the past few weeks. Almost all of the electronics are mounted and have been passed to programming. They have also begun preparations for the competition robot, and have been helping the other subteams as the different mechanisms of the robot are being finished. 

Programming worked on fine-tuning the auto-align. They have moved on to fixing the smaller issues – mainly the code for the shooter and intake mechanisms. They have been continually testing the shooter, shooter hood, swerve drive, and intake system to ensure that they are working to their fullest potential. This week, they also programmed the beta robot.

The scouting team has been hammering away at the scouting app and they even conducted usability testing this past week! This is where they began asking several students to review the features of the app and provide them with constructive feedback to help them improve the overall layout and structure. The app has made a lot of impressive progress!

Marketing and Outreach have been working on the Woodie Flowers essays, and have been making a lot of good progress! Media has been collecting footage and interviews for the Impact video, in addition to creating our biweekly recap video. Our PR team has finished the outline for our impact presentation, which they will continue working on this week!

These past two weeks have been very productive for Team 341. We hope to continue this progress in the following weeks of build season. Stay tuned to see our growth!

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